Game Report - The Sand Pebbles (by Björn Reichel)

This is a scenario that Grimm, Oliver, Dominic, Alex and me played on January. 06.

When I saw that movie I had the idea to make a wargame with this background. I talked with Grimm about this idea and he was immediately aflame. We planned this game for the Tactica convention in Hamburg in February 2007. Together with Frank we build the board. Chris constructed the Gunboat and Grimm used his talented fingers and created the beautiful scenery.

On our Lead Adventure club meeting in Kiel in January we made a testrun of the game. This participatian game is designed for 4 players and one gamemaster. The players are allowed to use all objects on the tabletop. Roleplaying elements are essential for the fun.

We have four forces. The US Gun Boat sailors. They are in war torn China for the balance and for protecting the european and american citizens there. In this game a group of americans in the buddha temple

We also have a group of ruthless american and european adventurers disguised as archaeologists, but they are there to rob the prehistoric treasures of China.

A well equiped force with trucks and a machinegun is sent by an evil Chinese Warlord.

And last but not least a group of Chinese freedom fighters today probably known as bandits and terrorists.

Each force has a goal to win the game. The US Gun Boat sailors for example must save the Missionary, daughter, friends and servants. Although there is violence and trouble in China its a sunny and peaceful day. Time for a walk.

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