30.11.2014 - Fall of the Samurai (T&T army list for the Boshin War 1868-69) by Jose A. Carmena added to Downloads section.

31.08.2014 - Freikorps Army List (by Christian Steimel) added to Downloads section.

01.10.2011 - Vehicle builder v5 (by Dafydd Gwynned) added to Downloads section.

07.09.2010 - Artillery Rules and Alternative Vehicle Damage table added to Downloads section.

14.07.2010 - Ref Sheet English 1.0 added to Downloads section.
02.06.2010 - Volley Fire, Throwing Spears and Witchdoctor Cards added to Downloads section.
01.06.2010 - Triumph & Tragedy Colonial Supplement NOW officially available.

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20.09.2009 - Czech Legion Army List by Grimnir and interactive T+T Unit and Vehicle Cards by Michael Immig und Holger Bartnitzki in Downloads section.
Also a new shop in the Links section - Empress Miniatures
25.04.2009 - The NZ in the ANZAC (Kiwi troops in WW1) and The Dehau Expedition (sample army) in Downloads section

„Libertad o Muerte!“

The Triumph and Tragedy Compendium

Following the success of our first book, the “Triumph and Tragedy” wargame rules, we proudly present the next volume in the series, “Libertad ò Muerte”. As the title suggests, it started out as a rulebook for playing the Spanish Civil War, which has become a popular period in recent years due to some excellent figure ranges. In addition, this book includes rules clarifications and other, “generic” new rules with which to enrich your games of “Triumph and Tragedy”.

Contents include:
New rules for signalers
New, detailed special actions
Pre-constructed vehicles for WW1 and the SCW
Detailed rules for aircraft attacks
A comprehensive army list for the Spanish Civil War

Check out the Downloads section for Vehicle download (free download)

Download the rear cover of our new book click here

04.06.2008 - Check out the Downloads section for some new T&T rules (free download)
14.11.2007 - You will find the german reference sheet in the Downloads section
13.11.2007 - First sample force - British Late World War I Downloads
12.11.2007 - check out the Downloads section for FAQ v.02
05.11.2007 - check out the Downloads section for Errata, Scenarion Pack One, Action-, Unit Cards, Reference Sheets and Templates.
30.10.2007 - Triumph & Tragedy will be released on Crisis Wargames Show in Antwerp on November 3rd.

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