Game Report - Attack on Solovyevka (by Björn Reichel)

This is a scenario that Grimm, Frank and me played on October. 26.

The Germans had 3 Units of ten men each and a LMG unit of 5. Two leaders coordinated the german attack. They had a Fokker Plane as air support.

The reds consisted of 3 trained units of 10 men and a raw unit of 10 men. Each unit is led by a leader. For support the reds had an elite HMG unit of 5 men Grimm selceted one Hero for his troops. He rolled one skill and was lucky to get the "hero of the people" skill for his commander in chief.

The Reds had to deploy three units of his choice and the Hero first. Grimm selected one trained unit, the HMG unit and the raw unit. Two units were reinforcements. To check for reinforcements two jokers were shuffled into an ordinary carddeck of four cards ( six cards in total ) . At the end of each turn one card was turned over. When a joker turns up 1 relief force arrives.

The German player had to place all his units. His plane was treated as reinforcements. A joker was shuffled into a deck of 5 cards ( total six ). The Germans Freikorps Mission is to secure the village and capture the Bolschevik leader. Therefore Frank tried to outflank the enemy with two units while the other two units attacked the front. The LMG unit tried to supress the enemy with machine gun fire.

The raw unit of reds defend the wall and prepare for the attack.

With little casualties the germans take the wall and fight it out with the reds.

Although outnumbered by the enemy the better fighting skills and the better morale of the Freikorps soldiers make the difference. They capture Grimms Hero.

On the left flank the attack of the germans failed they lost a close combat while the other unit was nailed to the ground by machine gun fire.

Lucky for the germans was the turned up joker. The air support was right on time.

The Fokker picked the HMG unit as the target of the attack.

Meanwhile there was ferocious fighting inside the village. Grimms relief units came and attacked the germans.

But the germans had the better position and already the red leader captured. The fighting morale of the reds was low and the attack cancelled.

The game was a german victory because the russian relief force came much too late and Frank played his germans with confidence. He was always on attack and never had a doubt in the quality of his orders.


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